Welcome to the exclusive Desio Outlet Store


Desio Outlet is a temporary online store offering the Sensual Beauty Lenses at a promotional price.
Desio discontinued the Sensual Beauty lenses collection to make way for the New Sensual Beauty Lenses collection.

You can place your order here for your favorite lenses at a convenient price.

FREE SHIPPING via Registered Mail for orders consisiting of 4 or more pairs.



Desio Outlet can only accept returns if the lenses are found to be factory defective.
We cannot replace your lenses if you do not like the color or the parameters you have ordered are not suitable for your eyes.
When ordering from our online store, you are confirming that you have consulted your Eye Care Specialist.

Please note we will exchange factory defective lenses free of charge.
As per our terms and conditions, defective contact lenses may only be exchanged for the exact same lens model, color and prescription, providing that the replacement lenses are in stock we will dispatch accordingly.
If the specific lenses are out of stock, we will contact you via the ticketing system and provide you with your alternative.

In the case that you receive defective lenses, you must proceed as follows:

  • Contact Desio’s Customer Service Department by logging into your account and submit a ticket within five business days from the receipt of your shipment.
  • Return the defective lenses to Desio, including everything that came in the package with your shipment such as the box, blister and labels.
  • If you have opened the blisters, place the lenses in a lens case with contact lens solution and return them to us with the box and include the opened blisters.
  • Returning defective lenses must be sent within five business days from the time that the customer initially contacted Desio’s Customer Service Department to report the defect.

If you do not follow the instructions above, WE WILL NOT be able to replace your lenses.

The Manufacturer, Qualimed srl, will examine each lens and check them for protein deposits which indicate whether the lens was used. If there is a scratch or tear on the lens and it was used, the Manufacturer may not replace the lens.

You are requested to inspect the lenses before wearing them as advised in the instruction leaflet sent with your order. Please follow all the instructions in the leaflet on how to clean your lenses before using them.

Shipping charges for returns of defective lenses will be carried by the customer.

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